I'm told I'm handsome, but I don't see it. When I look in the mirror I see an old bald guy, but I have to admit this old guy loves showing off his massive dick.

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I'm a well educated, well traveled masculine man who is easy going. More the nurturing daddy type who wants to make sure you're comfortable and having a great time. I get a lot of married, Straight, Bi, Curious guys just starting to experiment with sex with men, more than anyone else I know. I love that you guys come to me. It gives me a chance to make sure you're first experiences are good ones.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Have fun. Reviewed by luvtoski , 24 Mar, Maxstark is awesome. He is super hot and exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend him and look forward to our next meeting. Have you met MaxStark?

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We'd love you to share your experience with him. Photo Rating: My Website. Share Profile. Contact Me. Click to get my phone number and give me a call now! Send me an email now!


I saw him perform before he got all 'roided up like that. There was nothing really remarkable about the whole experience. He didn't really talk or interact with the crowd much. Chase Hunter - also saw him perform at a local bar. Queenier in person than I was expecting. His dick is big, but they definitely oversized his dildo - it's nowhere near as big as the dildo.

One of the guys from Corbin Fisher used to bartend at a local bar. I can't remember his name right now. Polite but not very talkative or sociable.

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Especially considering we were like the only people in the bar. There were many others, mainly from bar appearances and Pride festivals, but not worth typing about them all here. Adam Hart - he stripped at a local bath house. This was also back before he got all bulked up like he is now. He came out in a sailors uniform, then stripped to some music. No interaction with anyone there though. He didn't seem too thrilled to be there.

Chatted with Samuel colt when he appeared for a promo deal here in town, was really ripped, really short and had a huge handlebar mustache which he liked to chat about. Seemed nice but distracted. Didn't Lex change his name and try to deny that was him in the gay movies? I seem to remember that. After seeing what a lady he really is from watching him in some BB film with some big muscle daddy and he talking about having his "pussy fucked" while his voice becomes more and more shrill, I thought "yuck!

R21 what you read about Dean is bullshit.

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He's gay and his instagram and Facebook accounts leave no doubt about. Run into Gio every now, and then. I did a summer music festival in the late eighties and in the cheap student housing I got the porn guy "dirk caber" was the guy next door. Then he was a Sort of a geeky stoner guy, I only remember that for a tuba player, he sure liked to sing, which in the orchestra world was an odd combo. The late Jon Vincent -- he was stripping at Parliament House in Orlando once and, somehow, I managed to get in with a crowd that he invited up to his room, where he paraded around naked, coked out of his mind; after a few minutes, all but two of us were kicked out.

Dean Flynn -- ran into him at a bar in Chicago, immediately recognized him -- he was nice, but we only chatted for a few minutes. Matt Cole -- came upon him at a corner in Boystown, he was just saying to his friends "Nobody knows who I am" and I couldn't resist, so I replied, "I know who you are! There was an escort named Jason I hooked up with in DC. He was from Morristown, NJ.

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He'd probably be in his 40s now. He wasn't famous, but he was a great lay. One of my top five. It was like he was in love with me. I got a paid for a massage from Jake Deckard that got very sexual. He is also a talented masseur, he did wonders for my upper back. Who is this mythical Gio to which some of you knowingly refer? Cruising for sex, not doing a show or anything Before someone says this thread is about porn actors and not D-list celebrities, let me remind you that his nom de guerre was Tag Eriksson.

I also saw Vito Gallo at Duane Reade on 56th and 6th one morning I went with my straight co-worker to buy some cigarettes and bumped into him picking milk up or something like that He looked like he hadn't slept one wink at all Wearing a white wifebeater and shorts He's really nothing to look at He's tall, but looked queenier and more out of shape than I thought Vito Gallo's days in porn are essentially over since he told Michael Lucas he will not do bareback - and almost everyone does bareback these days except for Men.

Hell yes R94, Vito - aka Richard should get some special award from whoever hands out porn awards just for giving a smackdown to Lucas OR for his forever classic observation about wearing pink to jail. If Dan Savage said to these guys that "it gets better", he'd be lying a huge lie For these kids, it sure won't At some point - sorry to say it - but suicide should really seem appealing But how much money can you really make as a prostitute? For how long does it hold out?

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I shot a games of pool at different times with both Dred Scott and Ace Harden at a bar in Portland Or, they were not friendly at all and unfortunately beat me. However, I encountered porn star Brett Winters twice He was very effemintae but very affable and sweet.

He looked older but was still very cute. Ace Harden was a great porn star who really seemed to enjoy his work. Glad someone remembers him, even if R97's description isn't particularly flattering. I was in my early 20s, circa He came in- I had no idea who he was but somehow he just exuded hotness and sexuality. I started flirting and he told me he was a porn actor.

I was getting a boner talking to him- he was hot and trashy. I made a pass, and he said "here-" he took about a piece of paper and wrote a name and phone number on it. The name he wrote was "Brad's Buddies". I was gonna have to pay to fuck this guy. But honestly he was so hot I was willing. As a record store clerk I couldn't afford it and that was that. A couple years later I heard he killed himself. He didn't seem that fucked up when I met him. I guess it must have been toward the start of his porn career. I tried to finagle Sam Colt down on his usual fee by reminding him that technically he's a midget.

utomebmanfe.ml Not a dwarf mind you, but a true midget. Anyway, it didn't work and he stormed off in a huff!

I was in town for the weekend and was leaving the next morning. I texted him before noon to arrange something for that evening. He seemed professional and said he was available. After all the details, he said he'd text again that night to confirm before heading over.